Why Essential Oils are Good for You?

To gain an understanding of how Essential oils can benefit you, first, it's important to understand what they really are. Essential Oils are naturally extracted from various parts of plants and each oil has its own characteristic essence derived from unique aromatic compounds.

Essential Oils are believed to deliver holistic wellbeing by promoting Emotional, Physical & Mental wellbeing. Let's dive right into how they can help you Heal your Body, Calm your Mind and Uplift your Spirit.

Benefits of Essential Oils for skin










  • Invigorates the skin to reduce ageing of skin by promoting the development of new skin cells.
  • Leaves skin feeling hydrated and glowing from within for a radiant you!
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and spots.

Benefits for Essential Oils hair









  • Reduces itchiness and controls dandruff.
  • Massaging with Essential Oils stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth.
  • Softens hair for healthy and shiny hair.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

This is our favourite part. Aromatherapy is the ancient art of holistic healing for comprehensive well-being. Essential oils are the heart and soul of Aromatherapy and help in balancing the body's equilibrium. Labonita' essential oils are naturally cold- pressed for purity with therapeutic powers and natural healing properties. The benefits of aromatherapy can be achieved by inhalation with a diffuser or massage.

  • Eases stress and helps with anxiety, and depression.
  • Boost feelings of positivity and energizes from within.
  • Improves sleep by relaxing and soothing the mind.

In a gist, Essential Oils are good for you in every way possible. Each oil has its unique benefits to offer that may vary so a good mix and match can help you gain a wider realm of advantages for you skin, mind and soul.

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