Labonita Beauty Essentials is the perfect fusion of ancient remedies and modern aesthetics, coming together to create a range of skin, body and hair care solutions. All our products are formulated with natural products making them as pure, safe and organic as it possibly gets. The range is handmade with love, care and immense research, aligned with the highest standards of authenticity and quality.

What initiated as a home grown brand for natural skin care has now become a pioneer in the luxury organic segment. Our aim is to dive deeper into mother nature's repertoire and extract the goodness for skin care solutions that work wonders. From rare plant extracts to cold pressed oils and from steam distilled essential oils to herbal blends, we're unlocking the secret to skin care, one product at a time. In this fast-paced lifestyle that we lead, Labonita's products allow you to hit that pause button and indulge in holistic wellness rituals that invigorate the soul, rejuvenate the body and alleviate the mind.