Heena Powder
Heena Powder
Heena Powder
Heena Powder
Heena Powder

Heena Powder

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Labonita Henna Powder offers a natural and organic solution for hair coloring, conditioning, and skin care. Sourced from the best quality henna leaves, this powder is free from chemicals, additives, and synthetic dyes, making it suitable for all hair and skin types. It not only imparts a vibrant color to the hair but also provides a range of skincare benefits, from soothing irritation to improving complexion.

  • Chemical Sensitivities: Provides a safe, natural alternative for those allergic or sensitive to chemical hair dyes and skin products.
  • Environmental Concerns: Appeals to eco-conscious consumers looking for sustainable and biodegradable beauty options.
  • Desire for Holistic Beauty: Meets the demand for products that offer multiple benefits, from coloring and conditioning hair to improving skin health.
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  • 100% Pure Henna Powder: Made from dried and ground henna leaves, ensuring a natural and potent product.
  • Natural Hair Dye: Offers a chemical-free alternative to traditional hair dyes, resulting in a rich, natural color without damaging the hair.
  • Conditions and Strengthens: Henna coats the hair shaft, sealing in moisture and improving hair texture, making it look more voluminous and glossy.
  • Scalp Health: Its antifungal and antimicrobial properties help in treating dandruff and scalp irritations.
  • Hair Coloring and Conditioning: Mix Henna Powder with water or tea to form a paste. Apply to your hair evenly, leave for 1-4 hours depending on desired intensity, then rinse off.
  • Scalp Treatment: Apply a paste of henna and water directly to the scalp to address dandruff or scalp irritations. Leave for about an hour before rinsing.

Natural Products can also be allergic to some people. Test patch on inner elbow and leaves for 20 minuets discontinue if irritation occurs. Once the packets is opened, the company is not be held responsible. For external use only.

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